Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sci Fi Channel, Mega Snake and I want my life back

I hate to admit this but Laurie and I are fans of Who Wants to Be a Superhero on the Sci Fi channel.  Last year we were religious watchers of the show and very happy when Feedback won.  So anyways.
Sci Fi announces a new movie featuring Feedback called mega snake.  In fact here's the ad...
Mega Snake
Third billing is Matthew Atherton (AKA Feedback).  This is supposed to be a Feedback move.  Instead he appears at the end of the movie as Feedback a guy who teaches kids about electricity to children at state fairs.
I may not have minded so much, but I had to endure a really back monster move and sit there until the 1:50 mark to finally see Feedback and of course he had not super powers.  Sci Fi channel, I want two hours of my life back.  You owe me big time.
Alan Ng