Friday, November 07, 2008

Yellow Power - It's the Asians Turn Now

Now that the African-Americans have one of their own in the White House, it’s the Asians turn now!  It frustrates me that I can’t achieve what the average American can achieve, because of this racist nation, we call the United States.

Where’s my two acres?

Where’s my mule?

Fellow Asians, stand with me until we are equal with the whites and the blacks.

We will no longer be patronized by the man. C’mon Julie Chen, you can do better than Big Brother.

My white friends…imagine a world where your clothes are no longer clean.  A world where your nails go unpolished.  Where the only person left to cut your hair is Jose Eber?

I expect my deed and stable next week.

Yellow Power!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The War Ends Now - A Call for Christians to Reconsider their View on Homosexuals

I made a big mistake this last election. I made an assumption that made me not campaign for an important issue. Yes, I worked hard supporting John McCain to become president, but I did not campaign to defeat Proposition 8.  I assumed that liberal California would defeat the proposition. I was wrong, now I feel I need to make things right.


I'm not going to waste this important blog by trying to convince you that Homosexuality is or is not a sin. That's not the issue.

Since I'm addressing my fellow Christians, I'm going to take the position that Homosexuality is a sin (more on this in a future blog). With the assertion that homosexuality is a sin...


You may disagree with me by using the term "war" but even if you don't see your attitudes toward gays as "war-like" it really is.  During the whole Prop 8 campaign, I saw believers resort to lies and misconceptions to scare people into voting yes.  My children will be taught about gay marriage (btw they already are). Churches will lose their non-profit status by now marrying same-sex couples (no, Churches are allowed to discriminate by definition).

I know very few homosexuals that would describe Evangelicals as kind, loving people.


Remember the Great Commission? Matthew 28:18 - "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations." I think we sometimes for get that the "all nations" part does not mean foreign missions but it means even our own backyard.

God has called us, Christians, to be salt and light in this world.  Our job is to show the lost what it means to have a personal relationship with God. To shine the light of God to a dark world and to flavor the world around us, like salt to draw people to the fact the Jesus died for everyone.

Let's not forget that the lost world include the homosexual community as well.  Just like any non-believer, homosexuals who do not know Christ needs to be saved like we did when we were lost.

I've written about this before, but why have we drawn the line in the sand with homosexuality? Why has the Christian community singled out the homosexuality as the sin that we just can't tolerate?  I almost see it as making homosexuality the new unpardonable sin. I realize that I'm speaking in extremes, but I've attended many churches and I have yet to come across or read about a single evangelical church that has any kind of outreach to the gay community.

Yes, we can visit AIDS Hospices and care for the dying but on the other hand we can stand at an intersection and hold up a political sign to keep their lifestyle illegal.  Maybe its just me, but I can't imagine Jesus holding political signs or attending Yes on 8 rallies. I can see Jesus walking down the streets of West Hollywood compelling to lost to accept him has their personal savior.

Let's not forget the being gay does not condemn you to Hell. Not having a relationship with Jesus Christ is what condemns you to Hell.  So as a Christian, I don't see a person as homosexual or heterosexual, I see a person who either does or does not know Christ and I build my relationship from there. It's not up to me to make the decision whether they are ready to accept Christ based on who they sleep with.

I'm sure you find it easy to walk an adulterer, drug user, or the promiscuious through the sinners prayer, but it seems we need to "cure" a person of their homosexuality before we begin to talk to them.

I'm finding that this blog is getting pretty long, so I'll follow this up with two more posts regarding "Homosexuality and the End of the World" or Legislating Morality, and "the New Mission Field." 


Here's what I'd like to see my fellow Born-Again, Evangelical, Conservative Christian brothers and sisters do:
  1. END THIS WAR. As Christians, we must no longer single out the gay community as the group we refuse to show Christ's love and character to. Stop the need to legislate their behavior.
  2. SEE HOMOSEXUALS AS INDIVIDUALS. Don't look at a person as gay or straight, but as Christians, see them as lost or saved.  Introduce the lost to Christ and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Democrats and Prop 8 - Ban on Gay Marriage

The election is over and we have a new President.

So, here’s what I find fascinating. How can a state whose majority is comprised Democrats give Obama California’s electoral votes, but not defeat Proposition 8 with a large majority?

Let’s assume that all Republicans voted for Prop 8. Now reduce that number by the Libertarians who philosophically could not vote for Prop 8. That means there was a large contingent of Democrats who voted for the ban on Gay Marriage.

This leads me to conclude that the Democratic party in California is not as cohesive as they think they are.

-- added after original post --

Here's an article from AP - It basically states how Prop 8 can pass and Obama win California.

ased on exit polls, all races were split down the middle in voting for or against prop 8, with the following exceptions.

White voters, voted against the proposition. African American voters were overwhelmingly in support of Proposition 8.