Thursday, January 05, 2012

Making Fast Work of Jury Duty

I got called into jury duty today. They were kind enough to let me travel cross town to Newport Beach and make me be there by 8:15.

Thanks guys, not only do I have to travel far but now I have to drag the kid out of bed an hour early. Needless to say, I got there late. I arrived at 8:30 and was done at 9:30.

If you ever get called to jury duty service, here's a few hints. If they need to Pre-screen you for a potential juror, they will ask you to line up so that they an scan your badge. Make sure that you're the last in line. They will always fill up the needed spaces long before your turn in line.

Another thing I learned is that if you make it on a jury and the prosecutor asks a question, "do you think driving above the speed limit is legal because it's the speed of the flow of traffic?" Answer "yes." they kick you off.

An hours worth of work is not bad for jury duty. I've done my time as a juror once and I no longer thinks its interesting to participate in a trial.