Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gay Marriage, Miss USA and Perez Hilton

I’ve been following this who Miss California Gay Marriage debate and I’ve been formulating my opinion in the mean time. I’ve been kind of going back and forth before coming to this conclusion.


I support Gay Marriage. If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’ve posted some pretty strong opinions regarding Gay Marriage and the relationship (or lack of) between Christians and the Homosexual community.

I’m an extremely casual follower of Perez Hilton. Basically I follow him on Twitter, but I really don’t go to his website. I’m not much on the tabloid gossip. I accept him for who he is. His life is publishing celebrity gossip and he happens to be gay.

I basically feel that Miss California got the raw end of the deal, but at the same time, I don’t think it cost her the title.

The question and answer portion of the pageant is not meant to see if a contestant can be politically correct. The Q&A portion of the competition is about whether a contestant can form and opinion and express that opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Each contestant should be allowed to hold her own beliefs and should be awarded for being able to express those beliefs. This is what sets Miss California apart from Miss Teen USA North Carolina two years ago.

Also, the question from Perez was without a doubt a loaded question. It was meant to say, if you want to win my vote, believe the way I do. Does this mean that Miss USA must be Pro Gay Marriage, Pro Choice and Anti Gun in order to win? I would admire a Miss USA who was politically incorrect. It might make things more exciting.

Unfortunately, the line has been drawn. In the future, contestants are now going to be force to have their beliefs told to them and they will have to defend them whether they believe it or not. This will make the women’s movement proud. You can be a female robot as long as you’re our robot.

Finally, I don’t think this hurt Miss California chance of winning, because Perez was only one of 12 judges.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

The War Ends Now: Homosexuality - The Victimless Sin

I haven't written on this subject for a while because I want to get some of my thoughts, thought out better.
Small battle won today. Iowa Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage. Small victory only because Iowa is so small. My general feeling is that Christians need to start supporting same sex marriage, if we ever want to start winning more souls to Christ.

This now transitions me to what I want to discuss in my continuing series to end the war between Christians and the Homosexual Community.
My question is who exactly is the victim of the sin of Homosexuality?
In my seminary days we defined sin into to catagories: sins against man and sins against God.
Let's discuss one the most pertinent one today.
Sins Against Man

Christ stated this simply...Love Your Neighbor as Yourself (Matthew 22:38). These sins are described as actions that harms another person. Sins like hatred, murder, envy, covetiousness.
My belief is that homosexuality is the "Victimless Sin." The fact is that two consenting adults of the same sex, who wants to get married, does not harm anyone.
I know a few same-sex couples and in no way has my life been harmed or have been tempted to stumble because I choose to befriend a homosexual couple. In fact the very act of civil union has harmed me and my family in no way.

If you have been harmed it is only because you feel offended and your feelings of offense is not anyone's doing but your own. As Christians, we need to be more self-controlled that we do not allow our feelings of offense lead to sinful actions. If you sin, because of these feelings, you can not blame anyone but yourself.
I defy any Christian to find any harm done to them personally as a result of a Gay Marriage. Please I'd like to know.
One last thing, one of the benefits of a same-sex marriage...ZERO ABORTIONS. To my knowledge, no gay marriage or union has ever lead to an abortion. On the other hand, heterosexual unions have lead to millions of abortions. Allow me now to remove my tongue from my cheek.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Giving Complements at Work

A little incident happened today at work. I was working hard building a series of interactive statistics charts. I showed it to the person who requested that I do this and the first comment I got was, you labeled the chart wrong. OK, I was a little miffed but I’ll get over it because I’m an adult.

As a parent, I realize that if my kid does something for me that their proud of, it’s always good to start with an affirmation.

For example, if my kid gives me a drawing of me that they drew with crayons, and says, “Daddy, I drew a picture of you.” I will start with a complete.

“Honey, that’s wonderful, I’m so proud of you.”

Then if necessary, I can bring in an encouraging note of correction.

“This looks just like me, except my hair is black and not blue. I mean, cmon your hair is the same color. How could you miss the black crayon for crying out loud?!? And Turquoise Blue??? Couldn’t you have at least picked a darker color like Midnight Blue or Blizzard Blue????”

“Do you need glasses? Is that what you’re telling me? Don’t tell me your color blind? I did not raise you to be color blind.”

“What do we have here? Looks like Daddy is getting an extra Ice Cream Sandwich.”

“That’s not a tear, is it? Is it? Ok. Daddy’s very proud of you. Now get me the remote.”