Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My Disappointment with Justice League no.1

OK. I'll admit it. I'm a Marvel guy. I read comics books when I was Junior High and stopped reading in the late 80's when I went away to college.

Now that I'm older, I decided to get back into comics. When it comes to DC Comics, I only read Teen Titans in the 80's.

So now that DC has decided to relaunch with the New 52, I figure its a good time to see if it's worth jumping into the new DC Universe.

Sadly, I'm a little disappointed with Justice League #1. Why? High expectations and unmet expectations.

From a business standpoint, DC has to bring in new readers. They need Marvel readers like me and they need the general public to give comics books a chance. In my opinion, they failed with the release of Justice League. Here's why...

If I'm going to jump into the DC Universe, I need to be wowed when I read the first issue. The cover of Justice League is great, you entice me with a star studded cover and only produce Batman and Green Lantern. I will say I like the story, but because I only saw two main characters, the end of the first issue left me wanting. I mean, how many issues will I have to buy in order to see all of the League? How much money will I have to invest to get my payoff?

Here's what I might have done. Start this issue a year into the relaunch. Show me all the characters doing what they do and then use the individual comic lines of each character fill in the gaps of the first year. I hate the fact that I have to buy 4 to 5 issues before I can decide whether it's worth following.

I'll try a few of the other titles, but DC had a chance to put their best foot forward. They did not with Justice League.

I'm not going to say DC failed with the relaunch, but I will say they squandered an opportunity.