Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The writers strike so far.

So what do I think of the writers strike so far.


As a conservative, I am generally not a fan of unions.  Philosophically I believe in the free market negotiation of products and services.  Unfortunately, that’s a moot point because by the end of the year I’ll be watching repeats (with a few exceptions).


I’m very disappointed.  The issue of the strike seems to revolve around DVD sales and internet downloads.  Writers want more money from DVD sales, which has increased significantly since the last contract negotiation.  Also, internet downloads.  Both activities that I have actively engaged in.


I downloaded from iTunes that last season of the Office and I’ve been watching episodes of shows that I like online at various network websites.


I believe the writers have every right to demand a part of these new streams of revenue.  I also believe the producers have the right to play hardball.


Writers see others making money off their work and producers see higher expenses, smaller TV audiences and lower advertising revenues.  Writers will never see their work on the big screen without producers and producers will never have quality products without talented writers.  So keep striking and keep negotiating.


What needs to happen now is innovation.  Hey everyone, technology has brought us to a point where anyone can create, produce and distribute their own material online.  I know plenty of talented non-professional writers who can’t get their foot in the door because the union won’t let them in until they’ve paid their due or because they know someone in the industry.


Hey amateurs, take this opportunity now to be creative and get your work out there.  Let the world see your work.  Start making money on your creativity.  You have no competition at the moment.  People will watch your work, because in a few weeks there will be no new programming on the air.


Now’s the time to make a name for yourself.


Hey Unions, rather than placing an entire industry on hold, consider the fact that now you’re in a position to negotiate your position from a project-to-project basis.  Actors in movies are doing it all the time, where they will appear in a movie and receive only a percentage of the revenues.


Hey Producers, you’re competition is growing.  You better find a way to make everyone happy.


Good luck and hello YouTube.