Thursday, January 07, 2010

Conversations with My Daughter 2

OK, this one is pure torture to me. The kid and I are coming home after shopping at Walmart and Sam’s Club. It’s a 20 minute drive home. I decided to buy some cheese for the kid and a bag of Ruffles for me.


The Kid: Daddy, hungry.

Me: What do you want?

The Kid: Daddy, hungry.

Me: Do you want some cheese?

The Kid: No…Daddy, HUNGRY!!!

Me: What would you like?

The Kid: Mey Mey!

Me: What is Mey Mey?

The Kid: Mey Mey. Daddy hungry (very high pitch scream).

Me: Do you want chips?

The Kid: Nooooo! (even higher pitch scream)

Me: Do you want Chicken McNuggets?

The Kid: Yeah!

Me: Thank God.


Pulled off freeway.

Two Minutes Later


The Kid: Daddy Hungry.

Me: I know we’re almost there. Chicken Nuggets.

The Kid: Nooooo!!!! Mey Mey!

Me: What? What the *(&#! Do you want?

The Kid: Mey Mey

Me: Cheese.

The Kid: No

Me: Chips

The Kid: No

Me: Banana

The Kid: No

Me: Crackers

The Kid: No

Me: Orange

The Kid: Yeah!!!

Me: Oh come on. Orange? How in the world is Orange a Mey Mey?

The Kid: Laughter

Me: Say Orange

The Kid: Orange

Me: What do you want to eat?

The Kid: Mey Mey


She’s so lucky, she’s so cute.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Conversations with My Daughter

OK, everyone hates these cute-things-my-kid does stories, but here we go:
The Kid: Daddy, Tee-Vee
Me: What do you want to watch?
The Kid: Blu-blu
Me: You mean "Blues Clues"
The Kid: Yeah...Blu-blu
Me: Say "Blue"
The Kid: Blue
Me: Say "Clues"
The Kid: Clues
Me: Say "Blues Clues"
The Kid: Blu-blu!
We've been having this conversion for 7 days straight.