Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Frustrating Christmas

Christmas this year really has to start improving soon. I'm going to start screaming.

The good. So far the best thing about Christmas so far is Disneyland's Candlelight procession. It was beautiful and really touched my spirit.

Church and every other Christian event has left a lot to be desired. It's our effort to be "contemporary" that has really ruined things.

I'm all about making the gospel relevant. But if you're going to make thing relevant, understand what relevant means. Changing the melody of a popular song does not make it "contemporary."

My company breakfast started with a video of war, disaster, hopelessness and a really somber need for a savior. As true as this is...whatever happed to the joy of Christmas.

I really miss the traditions of Christmas. Carols. Natvity scenes. As old as these traditions are, I still believe it's relevant.

There's 12 more days. Let's hope things improve.